28/365 michael


Meet Michael. He’s my hair guy….and friend.
And he’s cool as hell.
And if I had the money, I’d go see him everyday.

Because not only his a phenomenal hairdresser/stylist, he’s one of the most entertainingly hysterical people I know.

337 days to go.
(And 6 weeks until I see Michael again. Sad.)


~ by katie o. on February 6, 2010.

3 Responses to “28/365 michael”

  1. LOL… I think I need a piece of straw hangin’ out of my mouth… Katie O… I kinda like you to…

  2. gotta love those hairdressers! they’re more important than docs!

  3. Katie O. This is one of the best portraits I have seen ina long time. Why? Ask yourself about him. What type of clothing, look most expresses him as an everyday guy? What facial expression is most representative? Importantly, how does he make you feel? Answer all those questions with an image and look at what you have. The imageyou have shown. Its almost like you closed your eyes, drew a picture in your memory, except its on a page. The lighting is exceptional and if you modeled it, nice work. If you did nothing but pose him in that lighting structure, then you have a natural eye for what ambient lights can do and instantly know when its good.

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