project 365 is dead

Well, for this gal it is. Considering I ran out of home photos about 2 months ago, I made it pretty far in the challenge. Granted taking photos of my dogs everyday pretty much lended itself to the realization that I had no creativity from the start.

So, with this harsh realization, I’m switching gears here. After partaking in a blogging workshop yesterday, I was told that I needed to blog about the things I love most. For me that pretty much boils down to three things:
my life
my dogs
I’ve got a blog set up for the food aspect….you are what you eat…or reheat
Unfortunately, that little blog was starting to house my other two loves as well. I was advised that blogging about food, dogs, and everything in between really is well, gross. Unfortunately, I’ve hit a brick wall with that blog. Having been told to focus on food only, I’m already at a loss for a blog post. Apparently, everything worked in harmony together to create a more perfect blog. What happens when I take away photos of my pups? Stories about my cubicle? What am I left with?

I’ve got complete blogger’s block.
And to be quite frank, it sucks.

So, what do I do?


~ by katie o. on March 22, 2010.

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