It’s officially spring

Around these parts and I’m in heaven. With the exception of the pollen, the allergies, and the sudden jump in temperature. But…
I’ll survive.
Because when you see how beautiful the south is this time of year, the headaches, the itchy eyes, and the watery nose are all worth it.



southland in the springtime


~ by katie o. on April 4, 2010.

2 Responses to “It’s officially spring”

  1. BTW – our lizards and tortoises love those dandelions. Feel free to pluck some out of your yard for ’em the next time you head over :0)

  2. oh how i wish that was my yard. i went down to ptree battle and took these shots, but i do have a few dandys if you’d like them.
    ps. we’re on for wednesday!

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