Ford’s Theatre, DC

The husband and I just returned from a nice long weekend in DC. We were up there for one of his childhood friend’s wedding. The sightseeing was just the added bonus. We hit up the Spy Museum and Ford’s Theatre on the first day…and unbelievably, while waiting in line at the theatre, one of my oldest and dearest friends just happened to walk right at me. If time had been on our side, I would have snapped a few pictures of her incredible smiling face, but alas, it wasn’t.

But I did manage to take some pictures of the Ford’s Theatre. I was shocked to hear the tour guide say, “Get our your cameras. You can take photos. If you’ve got a flash, use it.” I knew right away I loved that guy.

ford's theatre dc008022035009049
Did I mention how much I love DC?
Because I do.


~ by katie o. on October 17, 2010.

3 Responses to “Ford’s Theatre, DC”

  1. You got some nice images! I like how he told you you could take pictures. I remember in Germany they got mad if you had the camera out – keine bilder!

  2. i know! it’s such a rarity that any historical setting allows cameras at all, let alone flash photography.

  3. Lovely pics! Did you happen to go the pizza place across the street from the International Spy Museum called Ella’s? That’s one of my favorite restaurants in DC!

    Oh sorry, leave it to me to turn your photography website into food again…

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