Lydia – the shoot

I mentioned the other day that Lydia always smiles. And after that morning’s misadventure, it was a very welcomed thing.

During our morning shoot together, we joked about her smile vs non-smile look. After editing the photos it dawned on me, Lydia was meant to smile. And although she looks gorgeous without one, there’s just something so sweet about that smiling face.


~ by katie o. on October 25, 2010.

10 Responses to “Lydia – the shoot”

  1. Wow Katie – you’re rockin’ out that lens! These are awesome!

  2. beautiful pictures Katie!!

  3. Katie, these turned out so well – you did a great job!!!

    PS – Is it bad that my favorite shot is the first one where I’m wearing your sunglasses? I’m gonna have to steal those sunglasses…

  4. Katie! these are awesome!

  5. thank you miss melissa!!

  6. I love the framing in the first set of images! She looks great with or without a smile.

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