St. Simons


Last weekend the husband and I headed down to St. Simons Island for a quick getaway (and to watch our beloved Georgia Bulldogs get destroyed by Florida).  So yeah, our fabulous time was slightly marred by the fact that Georgia proved they have no defense. 


But that’s okay I guess.  There’s always next year.  And the year after that… You get the point.

Anyway, having never been to SSI before, I was super excited to check out this quaint little beach town. We ended up staying at the St. Simons Inn, which just happened to be located directly across the street from this little beauty…
So while I may not have been lucky enough to see the sight of victory, I did get to see the sight of my very first lighthouse.
And she was quite impressive if I do say so.


~ by katie o. on November 4, 2010.

2 Responses to “St. Simons”

  1. Lovely photos Katie. Sorry the game didn’t go the way you had hoped.

    • me too wendi! me too. my first time at the ga/fla game and they have to go and screw it up for me. i know, i’m not being selfish at all. ha ha!

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