Caroline and Ryan photo session

I don’t know about you, but I love capturing moments. Not sure, but I think that may be why I picked up my camera last year. Well, that and to photograph food and puppies. Sometimes you just capture moments that are so sweet, no words can do them justice.  Like moments shared between a father and daughter.


And then you get lucky and capture moments of sheer bliss.

And then you let kids do what they do best…be themselves. And that’s when you capture something special.




It’s official. I love this family.


~ by katie o. on November 8, 2010.

11 Responses to “Caroline and Ryan photo session”

  1. I love the processing, Katie. And these are fabulous.

  2. katie, these are fabulous!!!

  3. what a gorgeous family! and your photos are soooo wonderful!

  4. you did a fantastic job! love it!

  5. Wow. These are amazing. Are you doing photo sessions now???

  6. Hey there,

    Sorry I haven’t been reading your blogs lately but I’m pleasantly surprised with this new one you’re doing. Your portraits are FABULOUS, my dear. Love the evocative photos and love the bokehs. Well done, Katie. Looking forward to more!!


  7. ahhhh… how precious are those daughter/daddy pics!
    You have got a great eye for capturing kids. I have such a hard time with the motion shots. Only bc i have no idea what I am doing with my camera!

  8. […] ago through mutual friends.   Shortly thereafter, they asked me to photograph their sweet kids, Caroline and Ryan.  It goes without saying that these children are the best…that this family is the best. Last […]

  9. […] Edwards family is one of the first families who gave me my start in this business.  They were kind and patient and so incredibly fun. But the best part was, that even though I was […]

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