Adelaide – 8 months

So, I’ve been on a bit of a photography/blogging hiatus. I have a perfectly good excuse. I do. Promise.

But last weekend, I got back out there and had a photo session with one precious little 8 month old, Adelaide.



Have you ever seen eyelashes like that? I think I became a bit obsessed. After going through all of the shots I’d taken, about 20 were of shots where her eyelashes were the focal point.
Can you say jealous?

Such a sweet and beautiful little girl!
Thanks to the Burrells for getting me back out there.


~ by katie o. on February 5, 2011.

3 Responses to “Adelaide – 8 months”

  1. Those are some killer lashes – the better to bat with, my dear. 🙂

  2. […] sweet Adelaide.  The first time I met her, she was only 8 months old.  She was just as doe eyed then as she is today. I photographed her next around the 15 month mark. […]

  3. […] Addy 8 months Addy 15 months Addy 2 years […]

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