Hi and thanks for stopping by!

I’m Katie O., a Southern girl…(still) living in the South. I live in Atlanta with my husband, our two dogs, and my one cat.
I’ve got a love of all things photography. Whether it’s photographing foods, dogs, kids, adults, or babies. I love it all. And more likely than not, you will see every one of those subjects right here on this little blog.

So have a seat…
Take a look around…
And if you have the sudden urge, leave a comment and let me know what you think.

Contact me at kmslat@yahoo.com


2 Responses to “About”

  1. So, I randomly ran across your ‘you are what you eat…or reheat’ blog. (AJC favorite local blogger) And then I saw you are taking a picture every day. Recently, during a talk with my husband, I contemplated doing a project like this. And I thought it was an original idea… Ha! How ignorantly self-centered, right? Looks like it is quite a movement. After the inital feeling of ‘following the crowd I didn’t even realize I was following’ has changed to a feeling of collective energy, I’m sort of pumped to begin. And I wish you much luck in the process of documenting your year here in Atlanta too. Now if only my new camera order would show up at Showcase…

  2. Katie–this is AWESOME. I CANNOT WAIT for you to do a session with Mabry in the Spring. Please go ahead and pencil us in for April! I have been feeling really guilty that I do not have any professional pictures of her yet-but it will be worth it to wait till we get back and have you do it.

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