weekly photo challenge

Feel free to read more here, but in a nutshell, I’m participating in a weekly photo challenge. Yeap, that’s 52 weeks straight of taking photos of random objects.
No doubt I will manage to mess this challenge up.

Feel free to join in at any time.
There’s even a flickr group dedicated to the challenge thanks to my new internet friend, Shutterboo.

I will try to update my weekly photos on the main page, but bear in mind that I do have a full time job…so no doubt I will fall behind in these challenges.

wk34: smile

wk33: smell

wk32: shoes

wk31: reflection

wk30:door knob
week30 door knob

a real "blue dog" wk29

wk28: suitcase
suitcase wk28

wk27: puzzle
cupcake puzzle week27

wk 26: libby looking up

wk25: cards:
week 25: cards / 33/365
22/365 / yellow wk 24

wk23: lingerie

wk22: eyes
week22: eyes / 12/365

week21: toilet


wk20:toilet (in a shower)

week20: fire
week20: fire

week19: brown
week19: brown

week18: feet
weekly photo challenge: feet

week17: road

week16: cold
justice and the scarf

week15: fork
week15: fork

week14: green
weekly photo challenge green FAIL

week13: water
week13 water

week12: zipper


week12: zipper

week11: candy
week 11 candy

week10: time


week9: white
week9: white

week8: speed
justice in motion

week7: maps

week6: books
week6: books
week5: medicine

week4: red

week3: window

week 3 - window
week2: cocktail


week1: chair

libby and the chair


4 Responses to “weekly photo challenge”

  1. Never knew these photos even existed. Quite, quite good. I could have used you on my cruise. I had so many chances to take wonderful shots of food, friends and sights, but I lacked a good eye and a good camera. Looks like you have both. Felicitaciones.

  2. Love your photos, great work!

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